Tono mō te wehenga o Wānaka Rohe me Upper Clutha Rohe Request for a separate Wānaka-Upper Clutha District

The Commission is currently considering this reorganisation initiative

On 15 June 2023 the Commission agreed that the initiative included the content required by clause 4, Schedule 3, Local Government Act 2002.

The initiative was required to contain evidence that the group supporting it comprised at least 10% of electors in the affected area.  This was confirmed by the Queenstown-Lakes District Electoral Officer on 30 May 2023.  

You can read the confirmation from the Queenstown-Lakes District’s electoral officer here type: pdf, size: 154 KB

Next step: Commission consults with Queenstown-Lakes District Council before considering whether or not to carry out an investigation in respect of the initiative.

Receipt of reorganisation initiative

On 27 March 2023 a group of electors of the Wānakā-Upper Clutha Ward of Queenstown-Lakes District lodged a reorganisation initiative with the Commission. The initiative seeks the constitution of a Wanaka-Upper Clutha District separate from Queenstown-Lakes District.

You can read the original reorganisation initiative here type: pdf, size: 1.79 MB