Invitation for alternative reorganisation applications and other proposals for change to West Coast local government arrangements

01 Feb 2017

In June 2015 the Local Government Commission received a local government reorganisation application for the West Coast from two West Coast residents. The Commission determined that this application is proposing a unitary authority for the West Coast: that is, a single council for all of the West Coast undertaking both regional council and district council functions. These functions are currently undertaken by the: Buller District Council, Grey District Council, Westland District Council and West Coast Regional Council. The affected area for the application is the area governed by the West Coast Regional Council, which includes the three districts making up the West Coast Region: Buller, Grey and Westland.

Following a programme of community engagement run by the Commission to find out what the community thought, the Commission decided on 11 August 2016 that it was satisfied there was demonstrable community support in Buller, Grey and Westland districts for some form of change to local government on the West Coast.

The Commission now invites alternative applications to the original reorganisation application in relation to the West Coast affected area, under clause 9, Schedule 3 of the Local Government Act 2002. It also welcomes other more general proposals for change to local government arrangements in the West Coast area. Anyone may submit an alternative application or other proposal – including individual members of the public, community groups and organisations. All alternative applications and other proposals received will be considered by the Commission as part of this reorganisation process along with the original application. The Commission will then identify the reasonably practicable options for local government on the West Coast, which will include existing local government arrangements, before identifying its preferred option.

The deadline for the Commission to receive alternative applications and other proposals is Wednesday, 15 March 2017. Alternative applications or other proposals received after this date may not be considered.

Under the Local Government Act 2002, alternative applications must include: the name and address of the applicant, a description of the type of local government change proposed, a map or other description of the area concerned, what the changes are seeking to achieve and what improvements would result from them including how they promote good local government. In some cases, alternative applications will be required to include further information, e.g. indications of community support if the area covered extends beyond the West Coast affected area. Alternative applications may also include other information the applicant thinks might be relevant to their application. For more information about alternative applications and other proposals please refer to the supporting information on the Local Government Commission’s website.

Alternative applications and other proposals should be addressed to:

Chief Executive Officer
Local Government Commission
PO Box 5362

Electronic alternative applications and other proposals are acceptable and may be emailed to In this case supplementary hard copies would be appreciated particularly for appendices and other background information difficult to read in electronic form. A hard copy of the Commission’s supporting information may be obtained from the Commission, along with any requests for further information or queries, as follows:

Phone: (04) 460 2228
Postal Address: PO Box 5362, Wellington 6140

The Commission’s supporting information is also available at council offices, libraries and some i-Sites throughout the West Coast.

Suzanne Doig
Chief Executive Officer

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