Invitation for alternative applications for local government reorganisation affecting the boundary between Horowhenua District and Palmerston North City

04 Apr 2019

The Local Government Commission has received an application from “The Tokopiki Boundary Change Group” for an alteration of the boundary between Horowhenua District and Palmerston North City.

The application seeks to move the boundary south so that the the township of Tokomaru, the rural locality of Opiki and the surrounding areas that are currently part of the Miranui ward of Horowhenua District would become part of Palmerston North City. The proposed new boundary would run from the Manawatu River, along Okuku and Kingston roads to the Tararua Ranges.

The Commission has determined that the application and further information provided by the applicant meets the requirements for an application under Schedule 3 of the Local Government Act 2002. As a result the Commission has agreed to assess the application, publicly notify it and invite alternative applications as it is required to do.

An alternative application may be made by any person, body or group, suggesting alternative arrangements for local government for the affected area. The Commission has determined that in this case the affected area comprises the Tokomaru and Opiki census area units, plus the additional meshblocks 1853600, 1853700, 1853800, 1853900, and 1853000, south to the line of Okuku and Kingston Roads.

Any alternative applications received will be considered by the Commission along with the original application made by ‘”The Tokopiki Boundary Change Group”. The Commission will then identify the reasonably practicable options for affected area, which will include existing local government arrangements, before identifying its preferred option.

The deadline for the Commission to receive alternative applications is Wednesday 15 May 2019.

Alternative applications received after that date may be declined.

A description of the required contents of an alternative application is set out in clause 10 of Schedule 3 of the Act. A link to the legislation is available on the Commission’s website – see below. Alternatively the relevant legislation can be accessed via the New Zealand Government website It is likely that access to online legislation may also be obtained through assistance from staff of local public libraries.

Alternative applications should be addressed to:

Chief Executive Officer
Local Government Commission
PO Box 5362
Wellington 6145

Electronic versions of alternative applications are acceptable and may be emailed to In this case supplementary hard copies would be appreciated particularly for appendices and other background information difficult to read in electronic form.

A copy of the Commission’s full decisions and explanatory information on the “The Tokopiki Boundary Change Group” application may be obtained from the Commission, along with any requests for further information or queries, as follows:

Phone: (04) 494 0552
Fax: (04) 494 0501
Postal Address: PO Box 5362, Wellington 6145

The decisions, the Commission’s reorganisation guidelines and the original application from 'Tokopiki Boundary Change Group’ are also available on the Commission’s website.

Donald Riezebos
Chief Executive Officer

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