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Legislative Review 2008


The Commission was required by section 32 of the Local Government Act 2002 to review the operation of that Act and the Local Electoral Act 2001.

The Commission presented its report (both a summary report and main report) on its review to the Minister of Local Government in July 2008.

Without limiting the scope of the review, the Commission was required to determine and assess –

  • the impact of conferring on local authorities full capacity, rights, powers and privileges; and
  • the cost-effectiveness of consultation and planning procedures; and
  • the impact of increasing participation in local government and improving representation on local authorities.

A number of older reports and related documents, such as background papers, surveys and research are available on this page.

Section 32 of the Local Government Act 2002 enabled the Commission to report to the Minister of Local Government, by 1 July 2005, on any amendments it considered should be made to the Local Government Act or the Local Electoral Act before the 2007 local elections. The Commission submitted an initial report to the Minister of Local Government, on 1 July 2005.