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Greater Bunnythorpe Community Board appeal


Meetings with key stakeholders

In December 2022 the Commission will be meeting with key stakeholders to:

  • Confirm its understanding of the context and matters that led to the Community Board proposal and subsequently to the appeal;
  • Consider if, and if so, how, the Greater Bunnythorpe community is different to other communities in Palmerston North City; and
  • Consider whether the challenges outlined by the Greater Bunnythorpe community are best supported through the creation of a community board for the area.

Request for further information

The Commission requested, and received, further information from the appellant and Palmerston North City Council relating to the Bunnythorpe community and the proposal to establish a community board.


In June 2021 electors within the Bunnythorpe area proposed to Palmerston North City Council that a Greater Bunnythorpe Community Board be established. The proposal was made in accordance with Schedule 6, Local Government Act 2002.

On 4 August 2021, Palmerston North City Council considered the proposal, and it was declined.

In December 2021, the Local Government Commission received an appeal against the decision of Palmerston North City Council to decline to establish a Greater Bunnythorpe Community Board.

A copy of the proposal, minutes of the Palmerston North City Council meeting of 4 August 2021 and the appeal can be found below: