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Other Commission work

In addition to local government reorganisation and representation reviews, the Local Government Commission undertakes a range of other activities. This work covers certain local government matters as well as particular matters relating to bodies such as licensing trusts and district health boards. Some of the Commission’s other key functions and responsibilities are set out below.

Current proposals

There are no proposals currently before the Commission.

Previous proposals, reports and determinations

 Previous proposals considered by the Commission, reports and determinations made can be found here.

Local Government Act 2002

Under this Act, the Commission:

  • may provide information about local government and promote good practice
  • either of its own volition or at the request of the Minister of Local Government, report on and make recommendations to the Minister and any relevant local authority on matters relating to a local authority or local government including in relation to the performance of the functions of a local authority
  • must consider and determine applications from territorial authorities wishing to be called a city council or a district council
  • must determine certain disputes between the governing body of a unitary authority and its local boards
  • must consider and determine appeals where a territorial authority declines a request from a group of electors for the constitution of a community board.

Local Government Act 1974

Under  this Act, the Commission can consider disputes over proposals to transfer land drainage and water race schemes from a local authority to the ratepayers who are served by the scheme.

Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009

This Act gives the Commission authority to determine certain types of disputes between the Auckland Council's governing body and local boards.

New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000

 This Act gives the Minister of Health the power to ask the Minister of Local Government to refer certain matters to the Local Government Commission. This could be a request for an inquiry and report into changing the boundaries of any district of a district health board, or the union or reconstitution of DHB districts.

Licensing trust districts

Licensing trusts are part of a small group of local authorities with boundaries that do not conform with the boundaries of mesh blocks. This creates difficulties for the compilation of electoral rolls for the election of trust members.

In 2006, the Local Government Commission reviewed the issue of licensing trust boundaries and made a number of recommendations to the Minister of Local Government and the Minister of Justice. These included recommendations for amendments to the then Sale of Liquor Act to permit the Commission to review the boundaries of licensing trusts and recommend boundary changes to achieve conformity with mesh block boundaries.

Read more about the Commission’s report on Licensing-Trust-District-Boundaries  (PDF, 199k)

The Commission has prepared an index listing each licensing trust district with boundaries that split mesh blocks. The index is designed to assist electoral officers accurately allocate voting rights to electors residing at addresses situated in split mesh blocks. It is attached here under resources.

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 was enacted on 18 December 2012. While the main purpose of the Act is to reform the law relating to the sale and consumption of alcohol, it also makes changes to the law governing licensing trusts and community trusts that were formerly licensing trusts. Among those changes are power for the  Commission to review the boundaries of licensing trust districts and wards, and the boundaries of community trusts, to ensure that those boundaries conform with mesh block boundaries.