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Alterations to the boundary between Kawerau District and Whakatane District


Agreement to investigate reorganisation initiative

On 21 June 2022 the Commission agreed to undertake a reorganisation investigation in relation to the Kawerau District Council reorganisation initiative.

Having agreed to investigate the initiative, the Commission notified the affected local authorities, iwi and hapū.

Next step:  Commission drafts, adopts and notifies investigation process document after consultation with affected local authorities, iwi and hapū.

Receipt of reorganisation initiative

The Kawerau District Council lodged a reorganisation initiative dated 7 April 2022 with the Commission.  The initiative proposed changes to the boundary between Kawerau District and Whakatane District.  The effect of the proposed changes would be to transfer four parcels of land in three separate areas from Whakatane District to Kawerau District.  The affected areas that would become part of Kawerau District if the proposed changes were to proceed are shown in the map here:

Map - Kawerau District Council – Proposed boundary changes (PDF, 5MB)

Kawerau District Council considers that the proposed boundary change would better support further expansion of the Putauaki Trust Industrial Park and address two historical anomalies associated with the existing boundary.

You can read the original reorganisation initiative here:

Kawerau District boundary reorganisation initiative (PDF, 7.2MB)

Next step:  Commission decides to investigate/not investigate reorganisation initiative.