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2012: Nelson Tasman reorganisation scheme


In 2012 voters in Nelson City and Tasman District voted on a reorganisation scheme for the union of the two councils.

The process occurred under a previous version of the Local Government Act 2002. The legislation has since been amended.


A petition seeking the union of Nelson City and Tasman District was lodged with the Commission by Aldo Miccio in March 2010.

The electoral officer for NelsonCity and Tasman District advised that the number of signatories did not meet the threshold to initiate a reorganisation proposal. While it was signed by more than the required 10% of the electors of NelsonCity, it was not signed by 10% of the electors of Tasman District.

Additional Tasman District electors subsequently signed the petition, which was lodged for a second time with the Commission in July 2010. The electoral officer confirmed it was signed by at least 10% of electors of Tasman District and at least 10% of electors of NelsonCity.

The Commission publicly notified the proposal in September 2010 and called for submissions. The Commission held hearings.

The Commission released a draft reorganisation proposal in June 2011. It called for submissions on the draft proposal and held hearings in September and October 2011.

On 30 January 2012 the Commission released the Final Reorganisation Scheme for the union of NelsonCity and Tasman District.

The scheme was subject to a poll in April 2012. The scheme was supported by a majority of voters in Nelson but it was opposed by a majority of voters in Tasman. It did not proceed.