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Poll process update for Hawke’s Bay reorganisation proposal

24 June 2015

What has happened to date?

  • On 9 June the Local Government Commission issued a final reorganisation proposal for Hawke’s Bay proposing a single council for the region to replace the existing five councils (Central Hawke’s Bay, Hastings and Wairoa District Councils, Napier City Council and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council)
  • On 11 June a petition was received demanding a poll on the proposal signed by more than the required 10% of affected electors in Rangitikei District (as validated by the electoral officer for Rangitikei District)
  • On 18 June the Local Government Commission notified the affected councils that it had set 15 September 2015 as polling day for the proposal i.e. the end of a three-week postal voting period
  • On 22 June the first public notice was published notifying the public of the poll and poll date; that the electoral rolls to be used at the poll were open for inspection; and of the process for updating residential and non-residential ratepayer rolls

What are the next steps?

  • On 20 July the electoral rolls close and will then be printed for use at the poll
  • (N.B. after 20 July residents and non-resident ratepayers who are qualified to vote but are not on the roll can still apply up to 14 September to be on the roll and will be issued a special vote)
  • On 22 July a further public notice is published confirming arrangements for the poll including arrangements for special votes
  • On 24 August delivery of voting packs starts to those on the printed electoral roll with the last date for delivery being 29 August
  • On 24 August the voting period begins and votes are progressively processed as they are received (but are not allowed to be counted)
  • On 15 September (at midday) the voting period ends
  • On 15 September (sometime in the afternoon or evening) a preliminary result is announced
  • On 18 September (or before) the official result is declared after all special votes have been validated and counted

Conduct of the poll

  • Electoral officer Warwick Lampp (wlampp@electionz.com) is responsible for the conduct of the poll including the above “next steps’’ processes and arrangements