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Advisory - public hearings on Wellington submissions

The Local Government Commission commenced public hearings on its draft proposal for reorganisation of councils in the Wellington region on Tuesday 10 March. The hearings will continue till late April.…

Local government changes in Wellington public submissions

4 December 2014

The Local Government Commission is calling for submissions on a draft proposal to change the structure of councils in the Wellington region. The deadline for submissions is 2 March 20…

Wellington Region Reorganisation Submissions and June 2015 decisions

June 2015 decision
Media release: Engaging with communities 9 June 2015

Questions and answers on Wellington and Northland (pdf 115kb)

Questions and answers on Wellington and Northland (.docx 147kb)

Commission and Mayoral Forum in constructive meetings

Wellington region mayors, chair and the Local Government Commission are making good progress towards the next steps for Wellington local government, says chair of the Commission Sir Wira Gardiner.


Amalgamation Decisions – Wellington and Northland

Engaging with communities
The Local Government Commission has made decisions on the next steps for three local government reorganisation proposals.

The Commission has decided not to proceed with its …

Revised cost of transition for Wellington

A revised table has been produced for the Volume 2: Technical Report which accompanied the draft proposal for reorganisation of local government in Wellington. The revision affects the estimated trans…

Public submissions encouraged

A new information brochure has been produced to encourage and assist public submissions on the proposal for local government reorganisation in the Wellington region.

The Local Government Commission h…

A Greater Wellington Council proposed for region

The most significant reforms of a generation are proposed for councils in the Wellington region, under a draft proposal released by the Local Government Commission. Public submissions are now being so…

2017: Wellington Region reorganisation

Working with Wellington councils: RecommendationsFollowing the formal closure of the region-wide and Wairarapa reorganisation processes, the Local Government Commission prepared a report ‘Strengthenin…

Hutt City Council 2013

It was required to undertake a review prior to the elections in October 2013.

Wellington Regional Council 2013

The Wellington Regional Council (the Council) last reviewed its representation arrangements prior to the 2007 local authority elections. Accordingly it was required to undertake a review prior to the …