Hawke’s Bay poll petition validated

Date: 12 June 2015

The Local Government Commission has confirmed today that a petition for a poll on whether or not the Final Proposal for Hawke’s Bay should proceed has been received and now validated.

The petition was received yesterday from A Better Hawke’s Bay trust and referred to Warwick Lampp, electoral officer for the Rangitikei District. The petition is from the part of the Rangitikei district currently in Hawke’s Bay region.

Mr Lampp verified the signatures on the petition met the required 10 per cent threshold and confirmed this with the Commission.

In the next few days, the Commissioners will decide on a poll date. The poll will be in approximately three months to allow for statutory steps, including preparation of the electoral roll, delivery of voting documents to electors, and a three-week postal voting period leading up to the poll date.

The Commission has appointed Mr Lampp as electoral officer to conduct the poll.