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Good level of interest in West Coast local government

Date: 21 April 2017

The Local Government Commission has received a total of 23 responses to its call for reorganisation applications and proposals on local government arrangements for the West Coast. This followed the Commission receiving the original local government reorganisation application in 2015, and a subsequent and extensive community engagement programme in mid-2016.

“The response shows a good level of public interest in local government on the West Coast," said lead Commissioner for the West Coast Janie Annear.

“The submissions include a number of specific and detailed proposals."

Of the submissions, 14 proposed a specific form of structural reorganisation and five proposed some form of arrangement for councils to share the delivery of particular council services (with no change to council structures). The remaining four responses commented on the reorganisation process generally or matters relating to council performance.

The Commission will be putting the 19 responses making specific proposals for change on its website (www.lgc.govt.nz) in the near future.

The Commission has now begun the next step in the legislative process requiring it to identify the “reasonably practicable options” for local government on the West Coast. These must be options that meet specified legislative criteria. They must also include status quo local government arrangements – a no-change option.

The Commission has engaged consultants to assist in this process. If more than one reasonably practicable option is identified, the Commission must then determine its preferred option.

“It is anticipated that the Commission will determine its preferred option towards the end of the year," said Mrs Annear. “If that option is not the status quo, the Commission will then issue a draft reorganisation proposal and consult on that."


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