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Commission’s Taranaki visit ‘constructive’

Date: 10 March 2016

The Local Government Commission has been in Taranaki  to meet with and hear from the region’s Mayors and Regional Council Chair in Stratford.

The visit was part of the Commission’s Regional Conversations initiative and was led by   Commissioner Leigh Auton accompanied by Chief Executive Sandra Preston.

 “We are especially pleased to have had the opportunity to come to Stratford to meet local government leaders and hear from them about the opportunities and challenges facing the region, and how they are approaching them,’’ Mr Auton said.

“It is particularly important for us to get a good picture of the local context and the best way we can do that is by meeting with and speaking to local government representatives from the area,’’ he said.

“The Commission is in a privileged position to share the latest information from around the country about good local government in a rapidly changing environment,’’ Mr Auton said. “One of the ways we do that is by keeping up with local initiatives such as how councils in Taranaki are sharing services.’’

The Regional Conversations programme is the Commission’s new approach to engaging with councils, focusing on collaboration and facilitation to come up with solutions to issues regions might face.

“We appreciate that while many communities and their local government leaders face similar challenges, each region will have its particular needs and potential solutions.

“As part of our role to promote good local government we hope to stimulate, enable and share conversations towards meeting common aspirations: efficient services and cost-effective modern infrastructure allied to good quality-local decision making.

“Equally, we’d like to hear about any obstacles presented and offer assistance or ideas, if appropriate, in overcoming those.’’

Mr Auton said the Taranaki visit had been “a constructive exercise for the Commission’’.

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