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Waiheke application


Latest: 9 August 2017 – The Local Government Commission has released a report authored by Morrison Low to assist the Commission identify the “reasonably practicable options’’ for local government in Auckland as part of the current reorganisation process.

The report’s findings are just one input into the Commission’s decision-making process. The Commission will also consider communities of interest analysis and the results and findings of any other investigations or inquiries it considers appropriate in its determination of the reasonably practicable options and, subsequently, the preferred option for local government change in Auckland.

The reasonably practicable options must always include the status quo local government arrangements for the affected area (Auckland). 


Talking to Auckland communities (6 September 2016)

The Commission received an application in December 2015 from a group called “Our Waiheke’’ for a unitary authority. At its March 2016 meeting, the Commission agreed to assess the application.  On 29 May 2016 it subsequently agreed to consider the Waiheke application as an “alternative application’’ in the Auckland Council reorganisation process initiated by the North Rodney reorganisation application.

This means the applications for Waiheke and North Rodney will now be treated as two applications for how local government in the Auckland Council area could be reorganised, rather than being assessed as part of two separate processes.  The deadline for any further alternative applications is 24 June as indicated in the invitation below.

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