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Tasman District reorganisation application for Golden Bay local board

Overview & decisions


Responses to invitation for alternative applications:

The Commission has received five responses to the call for alternatives to the Golden Bay local board application.


An application was received from the ‘Working Group for a Golden Bay local board’ on 31 October 2018 seeking consideration of establishment of a local board to replace the existing Golden Bay Community Board in Tasman District. On 29 November 2018 the Commission agreed to assess the application. The formal public notification and call for alternative applications was made on 8 May 2019: Commission calls for alternatives to Golden Bay local board application

Information for alternative applications: A local board for Golden Bay? Elsewhere in Tasman District? What do you think? (PDF, 149KB)

Application: Local government reorganisation application for establishment of a Golden Bay local board (PDF, 1.2MB)

Decision to assess application: Golden Bay local board – Decision to assess application (PDF, 125KB)

See our new release: Commission agrees to assess Golden Bay local board application (30 November 2018)