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Representation Review guidelines


The Commission has produced detailed guidelines to assist local authorities and members of the public who want to participate in the process.

The process and timelines for a representation review are spelled out in Part 1A of the Local Electoral Act 2001

The timelines are summarised in the image in the Resource panel on the right.

In general terms they are:

  • local authority decides its proposed representation arrangements – no later than 31 August in the year prior to election and in time for the deadline for public notice,
  • local authority gives public notice of initial proposal and invites submissions - within 14 days of resolution, and not later than 8 September in the year prior to election,
  • submissions close - not less than one month after public notice,
  • if there are no submissions the proposal becomes final and public notice is given,
  • if there are submissions the local authority considers them and may amend its proposal - within 6 weeks of the closing date for submissions,
  • local authority gives public notice of its final proposal - within 6 weeks of closing date for submissions,
  • appeals and objections close - not less than 1 month after the date of the public notice and no later than 20 December in the year prior to election,
  • if there are no appeals or objections then proposal takes effect - public notice to be given when there are no appeals or objections,
  • if there are appeals or objections the local authority forwards them and other relevant information to the Commission - as soon as practicable and no later than 15 January in election year,
  • the Commission considers resolutions, submissions, appeals and objections and makes a determination - before 11 April in election year,
  • the Commission’s determination can be appealed to High Court on a point of law - appeals must be lodged within 1 month of the determination.


Representation Review Guidelines (updated 2020) (PDF, 3.7MB)

Representation Review Guidelines (updated 2020) (DOCX, 1MB)

Representation Review Timeline A3 ( pdf, 237MB )

The concept of community interest (pdf, 126KB) - A Discussion Paper which explores the concept of Community of Interest as it applies to Local Government boundaries.