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Licensing Trust Districts

Licensing trusts are part of a small group of local authorities with boundaries that do not conform with the boundaries of meshblocks. This creates difficulties for the compilation of electoral rolls for the election of trust members.

In 2006, the Local Government Commission reviewed the issue of licensing trust boundaries and made a number of recommendations to the Minister of Local Government and the Minister of Justice. These included recommendations for amendments to the Sale of Liquor Act to permit the Commission to review the boundaries of licensing trust and recommend boundary changes to achieve conformity with meshblock boundaries.

Licensing-Trust-District-Boundaries.pdf (.pdf 199k)

The Commission has prepared an index listing each licensing trust district with boundaries that split meshblocks. The index is designed to assist electoral officers accurately allocate voting rights to electors residing at addresses situated in split meshblocks. It is attached here under resources.

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 was enacted on 18 December 2012. While the main purpose of the Act is to reform the law relating to the sale and consumption of alcohol, it also makes changes to the law governing licensing trusts and community trusts that were formerly licensing trusts. Among those changes are power for the Local Government Commission to review the boundaries of licensing trust districts and wards, and the boundaries of community trusts, to ensure that those boundaries conform with meshblock boundaries.

The sections in the Act relevant to this issue are

  • Section 300 - requiring the boundaries of any new licensing trust district to conform with meshblocks
  • Section 304 - providing for the boundaries of licensing trusts to be reviewed
  • Section 337 - providing for the boundaries of licensing trust wards to be reviewed
  • Section 363 - providing for the boundaries of community trusts to be reviewed