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Understanding Commission process

The Local Government Commission’s processes apply to every local authority, no matter how large or small.

The Commission follows processes spelled out in law when it deals with requests, disputes, applications and appeals over the structure of councils and their electoral arrangements.

The Commission can also respond to matters raised by ratepayers or residents, or by the Minister of Local Government.

The processes for each of the Commission’s main functions and are explained in detail in the relevant sections on this site.

For more information about changes to structures of local authorities, such as the creation of a new council or the union of existing councils, go to the Reorganisation page.

For more information about the electoral arrangements for local authorities, such as the location of wards or the number of councillors, go to the Representation Review page.

To find out about changing or defining the boundaries of a local authority, go to the Local Government Boundaries page.

Other functions of the Commission relate to the local authorities which control the sale and supply of alcohol in some districts. More information about these processes can be found at the Licensing Trust Districts page 

There are a number of other functions which the Commission is asked only occasionally to carry out, for example, changes to land drainage schemes. Information about a number of these processes can be found at the page: Other Proposals for Structural Change.